Why Short session angler?

The main thrust of my fishing is about getting out of the house quickly when an opportunity arises and making the most of limited time! Like many anglers I have a full time job and a young family so lengthy sessions are often difficult to undertake. As such  I have become pretty adept at getting out fishing in double quick time.

I am fortunate in that I live close to the Upper River Weaver, the Shropshire Union Canal and several stillwaters and meres. This means even very short sessions of an hour or slightly less, are feasible, provided I am organised.To make it work I always have a rod (or rods) banded and ready to go fishing with.


I have a bank stick with rod rest permanently attached, same with a landing net and handle and a small tackle/bait bag with everything I need. Licences and camera live in my bib and brace which hangs next to a goretex jacket. Cheese paste and bread in the freezer, dendrabenas in the garage. Long story short, I can be changed and in the car within 5 minutes and on the bank 10 minutes later. It's about efficiency. I don't want to spend time rigging up a rod and reel or tightening a landing net handle and rod rest at 2.30pm on a December afternoon when I may get a window of ninety minutes or less.


I'm not claiming anything new, anglers have been travelling light and making excuses to get out of the house and make a quick trip to the river bank for centuries. However I do think we anglers all go through the 'carry everything' phase at some point in our fishing lives and sometimes find it difficult to shake that off. Whether it's carrying an over sized rucksack, quiver or holdall full of all the bits and pieces we rarely use, to simply carrying excessive numbers of floats or hooks, we've all done it and at some point probably said "I'd go fishing but by the time I've sorted my gear it won't be worth it" and ended up staying home. 

My objective these last few years has been to get away from that potential scenario and doing so  has definitely made me more efficient to the point where I can safely say that carrying less has got me out on the bank more quickly and more often. Not only that but once on the bank I'm now far more likely to move swim to find the fish if the need arises. Makes me sound ace that doesn't it? I still catch **** all like!

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