Saturday, 24 December 2011

Back down to Earth

Well, tonight's session....Earth down with back to bump a.

I scoped a few likely swims this morning as I went for a run along the stretch I intended to fish, and indeed there were a few anglers on, all catching small fish. Seeing as I was predominantly going to be fishing into dark, I got myself a safe flat bank which I knew was virtually snag free and got myself set up at 1530.

I arrived full of confidence, a PB last session and a decent netful the session before, the river looked spot on, what could go wrong? I immediately had the usual taps and plucks on the cheese paste, then after 45 minutes, bang, fish on, ***$%^&**, bumpity bump, fish off! I check the hook, it looks ok, must be one of those things, next cast, the rod goes off the rest, the... did I miss that? Anyway, next cast (literally) fish on, followed by more self abuse as again it bumped off. Check hook again, nothing wrong that I can see but I change it anyway. I then look for my isotope as the light is closing, no can see, oh great!

So, I make do and touch leger, I then miss another sitter, 'a proper tap in Jeff' and then start getting raps and taps, so the headlight goes on 'dim' and I concentrate on the tip, move, please, move....nothing. I ring the changes, scale down the hook length/size of hook, try some salami (reduced at aldi to £1 fact fans) and get zillions of plucks but no ceegar.

Then at 1830 I cast out, and a load of line inexplicably comes off the spool in the form of tens of coils all together. This has happened a few times on one of my reels, I assumed down to overloading and too much line in the spool? Whatever the reason, thats that! 

So my first Weaver blank for a long while, frustrating as can be, it should have been a multiple catch night and to add insult to injury I find the isotope on the floor in the car.

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