Thursday, 25 October 2012

Seals, dogs and other assorted wildlife. Two days in Wales...

..... started with a day on the Lleyn Peninsular ….

The swim

The mark is a westerly facing mainly shingle beach, enclosed by cliffs at both ends and at the bottom of a very steep decline. It is deserted, mainly due to the steep narrow winding road and a fairly lengthy walk.

Having negotiated the drive, and then the walk, we made our way half way along the beach to be greeted by Sammy (the seal). Not something you see that often whilst coarse fishing (unless you’re a Ribble regular).

He (or she) hung around watching us for a while, disappeared, then periodically came back for another nose later on.

  Within an hour we were getting bites and I nailed the first of many dogfish...

... shortly followed by a wrasse, 

...big brother was straight into doggies...


...and later a small bass. 

He loves schoolies.
A bite a cast was the norm and with 2 rods it became a bit of a nuisance. The barkers fed well into the dark and we both caught several whiting, later on a bonus rockling came to our kid.

Sadly nothing-sizeable came out to play although we both bumped what felt like better fish, don’t they all when they drop off? The walk back to the car wasn’t too bad, and the post session kebab (5.2/10) was brightened up with the local drunken wild life whence The Bait Fairy wanted to start his own personal cull.

The following day we made our way home and dropped on Llandudno North Shore along the way. 

Little Orme
Again we initially had the beach pretty much to ourselves, and we used up the last of the bait catching some small whiting before calling it a day at midday once the general public started to make an appearance.  Interesting how when there is a mile of empty beach, dog walkers will throw a stick or ball for their dog within 20 metres of where you are fishing, and parents will allow their children to throw stones in the water right next to you also. All that empty beach to play on, and yet, they are seemingly attracted by some invisible force?

Great Orme
A few things for next time… I’ll try to use my Harrison barbel snag/flood as opposed to a standard beachcaster and fish lighter leads closer in with braid, I’ll use one rod, feel for and strike at the bites as opposed to watching 2 tips and letting the bites develop and I will have more rigs prepared.

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