Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Last Gasp

A typical short session today, 3pm - 515pm. Despite the river looking spot on with decent colour and dropping water levels the going was quite hard, with chub bites hard to come by and very shy. There were several anglers on this morning as I went for a run, but thankfully a few had cleared off by 3pm, however with the bank holiday walkers I struggled to get a space in the car park.

I started with flake on the hook and a liquidised bread feeder in a banker swim, I had one 'tap' which didn't materialise and moved on as a few float anglers were 50 metres downstream constantly yelling to each other so I headed off a few hundred metres away. 

I settled in an area with a decent track record and safe fishing into dark but had to wait an hour into dark before my first hittable bite which resulted in a near 2 pounder on cheesepaste. This fella decided on a croc like death roll in my net, trashing my rig in the process so with a prawn cocktail salad waiting for tea, I bailed.

Interesting that the so called 'perfect' conditions have provided quite difficult sport for most anglers on the bank, with few better fish being reported and maggot anglers having to work fairly hard to keep bites coming.

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