Friday, 30 December 2011

A hard day on the Dove

A planned 2 days on the Dove couldn't have happened at a worse time thanks to the elements.

River Dove

Although the level and colour looked decent enough, a ferocious wind and rainfall to match made the planned mobile tactics very difficult, so I elected to stay put in one swim. Hannibal had already landed a fish of 3.12 before I arrived so with the state of the river things looked hopeful.

Having tried the bread feeder and lead for an hour I then went onto the centre pin and fished bread flake down a long glide hoping for a chub, sadly non obliged but I did land a decent trout, which after some juggling Hannibal finally managed to get a pic.


Sad to say, but no more bites or indications were forthcoming for either of us and at 17.30 we called it a day.

The following day was to be a repeat, albeit on a different stretch but the river rose sharply overnight and I really didn't fancy my chances so decided my efforts would be best served on a river with a lower level, hence I made my way back to my own patch.

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