Thursday, 16 February 2012


With Mrs C back from the shops by 3.30pm a quick session for chub was looking to be the order of the day! Sadly the extra-ordinary rattle that came from somewhere near my car exhaust upon starting the engine gave me the first sign that today the fishing gods were not to smile on me...
Although the car undoubtedly needs fixing, it still goes, so I went fishing anyway. I'd decided to put a bit more time into a slightly different stretch of the local river and after my somewhat noisy arrival I chose the first swim, thinking that I'd be bouncing downstream every 20 minutes or so.

I fed the usual mashed bread and fished a small running lead, with bread flake on a size 8 kamasan. A few taps early on gave me some cause for hope and when the tip rattled 'proper' I pulled into what looked to be a 2lb chub, sadly it never quite found the landing net, finding a snag under my feet instead. I persevered here for longer than I might, assuming, wrongly, that a few more chub might make an appearance!

A move to another, somewhat tighter swim downstream swim gave me a decent tussle with an overhead branch, and despite my pinpoint casting to a downstream willow, and a few indications that fish were in the area, I couldn't add to my average sized chub tally! Eventually the lure of a roast pork dinner (and fear of breaking down) was too much, so I left at 5.30pm.

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