Monday, 20 February 2012

A struggle on Sunday

Another session on the ‘new’ length yesterday proved tough going. Upon my arrival at 2.30pm the temperature had dropped further from the day before and I was greeted by bright sunshine. There were several other anglers on as one might expect for a Sunday afternoon, all fishing maggot, and all were currently blanking upon my arrival, not good...
I chose 3 swims I’d never fished before and gave each 20 minutes on bread variants or cheese paste before moving on to the next swim and never had a single hint of an indication in any of the three swims. 

Come 4pm the maggot anglers were all packing up having all blanked so I made the decision to throw my kit back in the car and head back upstream to finish off the day in the swim that had produced the four pounder a few days earlier.

I held right back on the feed, merely dropping in a few small nuggets of mashed bread and minimized my casting. As previous sessions there were some ‘half interested’ indications but nothing concrete that I could strike at.

I tried the cup of tea method, nothing; the phone call method gave me a ‘half pull’ that didn’t materialise. Then after another cast a wait of 20 minutes gave me a solid indication and the tip pulled right round, strike, at last!

The fish felt really decent, not allowing itself to be subdued initially and after a short while I could see why, a12 oz’er had been foul hooked in an area that suggested it may just have been wiping its backside on my bait! Still, it counts. I fished on until 6.30pm but had no further excitement. All being well, I'll get back on maybe Tues/Weds night after work and fish 430-630 now that the daylight is finally back on my side!


  1. I'm glad I went out on friday now! The rivers are all over the place at the moment, up one day, down the next. Whole days when nobody catches anything, so it can't be down to a bad peg draw, can it?

  2. I reckon you're right Jeff!

    I went out four days on the spin Thursday through to Sunday this last week/end. The difference from Friday to the other 3 days was stark! Forecast to warm up again now???