Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Two hours after work

With temperatures on the up I fancied my chances for a 2 hour session straight from work...

At about 4.30pm I dropped into the swim that had recently produced the four pounder and cast straight in with bread flake on the hook. I started getting bites immediately, and probably missed a half dozen bites in the first 20 minutes or so. I rang the changes, bread flake, crust, cheese paste and various combinations thereof. Eventually however, I did manage to hit one on bread flake and before long a skimmer was in the pan! 

The bites carried on, small fish/skimmers I suspect, so I went with the larger cheese paste bait and thereafter managed two chub, a near 'three' and one probably just shy of a pound. 

At 5.55pm the darkness closed in and I fitted the isotope. I had continued to get the odd tap and I was sure there was one more fish left in the swim for me.  The isotope did seem a little crooked ... "I'll change it's position next cast" I thought, except I couldn't as the isotope promptly dropped off and into the river. The last 20 minutes of the session were uneventful, using my headlight I picked put a few 'taps' but nothing that I could strike at, so no big chub tonight, maybe try again at the weekend, there's the possibility of a trip to the Dove or Severn all being well. Quiche, white cabbage and baked potato for tea when I got home.

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