Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Decent (local) Perch

With the river season coming to an end, I tried once again to catch a decent perch from the local river...

I chose a slightly different tactic today, a mobile approach, centre pin, chubber and dendra's as bait with 20 minutes in each swim before moving down to the next, like chubbing but without the bites!

I arrived at the river at 3.30pm and started at one end of a bunch of trees. The flow was really slow and didn't allow the pin to spin, however, with the pin I was able to inch the bait back and forth and manoeuvre it to precisely the place I wanted, close in amongst the near bank snags.

 In my second swim the tactic came up with the goods and the float dipped, bobbed and sailed away. A short scrap gave me a plump stripe of 1lb 9oz, not a monster but better than a poke in the eye  with a shi**y stick.

The tactic produced a few more fish, sadly just chub up to 12oz.

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  1. Its a nice fish that ed,,hopefully doin a blogg of my own soon :)