Sunday, 26 February 2012

Try again for perch

With an afternoon free and bait left over I tried again for perch...

I arrived on the river at 2.30 pm, my chosen area was free so I started with a chubber float on the 'pin, running it along the edge of the main current (very low flow). I then allowed the float to swing round and then I inched it along some marginal snags to a tree 15 metres downstream, bait was dendra or lob presented on a size 8 B983.

I also fed a homemade 'perch' mixture tight into the bank, this is made up of mole hill soil, ground bait, chopped worm, pinkie and an additive I've been trying. I've found that this does not seem to attract the ruffe in the same numbers as baiting with chopped worm through a bait dropper.

It wasn't too long before I had my first fish in the shape of a 6oz chub from under the downstream snag.  Indeed that area was to give me several similar fish throughout the session. As the twilight approached I changed my tactic slightly and laid the bait on in my baited area, sadly other than one net roach at 6.30 no stripies came my way. Tuesday after work could be my next window!

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