Monday, 12 March 2012

An Upper Severn 'Five'

I spent the last Sunday of the river season trying to winkle out a decent chub from the Upper Severn, and for once  I came up with the goods...
We arrived at 1.15pm and wandered onto the upper reaches of the stretch. The plan was typical, half an hour or so per swim and then move. First swim gave nothing so I stuck to the plan and moved  on. My second swim was a really deep hole. After casting, the line poured off the spool for far longer than normal and a cast 10 metres downstream had the line hitting the water at probably 60 or 70 degrees, and with very little flow, my mashed bread hit the water surface and sank vertically, it was deep.

I had my first 'knock' as I was about to move so I persevered for a little longer than I might and was rewarded when the tip moved with purpose as something picked up the flake hook bait. I struck into a decent fish and was up out of my seat, almost pumping, I'd lost some tackle on a previous cast and wanted the fish away from whatever lay near the bottom of that pit. A solid looking fish with with a 'gut' but it felt hollow however, it weighed 4lb 6oz, but I thought it looked bigger.

Not long after I was doing the photo duties for Ian whom had an absolute clonker in the shape of a 5lb 10oz fish and he followed this up soon after with a three pounder.

A few more swims gave not a touch, all had classic features close in but gave nothing on the day.

Then at 6pm I dropped in my final swim, a piece of cheese paste presented down the edge and after ten minutes the rod nearly came off the rest, a few minutes later the fish was in the pan, scores on the doors 5lb 9oz. Lucky me.
5.9 Happy days.


  1. That swim looks familiar, but I bet it's not the same one I had a 5lb 9oz chub from!

    Good to see a good fish held to the body in the trophy shot! Now that's honesty for you. Well done mate

  2. Cheers Jeff, this particular stretch is full of those type of swims.