Saturday, 24 November 2012

First in a while.

I decided to brave it today and with the predicted crappy weather took the easy option i.e. I fished locally with the gear which I already had to hand, so it was to be an effort to target chub with the cheese paste. I went for a run this morning and scoped a few potential swims and although the river was well up there were a few of areas of steady water, which I’d fished and caught from, in high conditions before.

The predicted rain arrived as I was leaving so I took a brolly and decided to stay in one spot effectively putting all my eggs in one basket. I picked the same area I fished with our Pest last week as conditions weren't that different in terms of level and colour.

A few handfuls of smelly mash at the off and I started to search various areas along the swim. There were a few leaves and branches but most had come down with the main pulse of water on Friday. Despite varying the lead size and varying the distance fished along the crease I perhaps had one 'pluck' so all in all a disappointing day and my first chub blank for a while.

On the plus side I've blitzed the garage this week and it now resembles something like what it should. Only a few trays of tackle and assorted junk to sort out and we should be approaching something that is reasonably efficient.

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