Saturday, 17 November 2012

Three PBs in 24 hours

A planned trip to the Dove saw me and Hannibal arrive at 10.30. 
A Fingeo

The plan was to bounce around a few swims near the car park, eat at the car and then make our way downstream for the afternoon, it being some considerable hike to the extreme downstream limit. The session started as planned, we fished a few car park swims for nil bites (not planned) then after a few butties made our way downstream to get a feel for the whole stretch and visit a few swims Hannibal had never seen before. 

We settled into a nice glide which gave me a nice grayling on bread and at 2lb dead a new pb as well. Not truly deserved as I was after chub, but a fish is a fish. Thereafter we bounced around a few more swims to the extreme downstream end for little else. 

Just before dark then settled into a big bay right on a sharp bend for the last hour or so. We gave it a few casts but it just didn't feel quite right so after a little recce we hopped upstream a few hundred metres or so to another nice long glide. After 30 minutes or so I nailed a 4lb'er on bread flake,
 Hannibal had a result also latching into a 5lb 4oz fish, his second biggest chub and a river pb.After that we headed off,  negotiated the fields in the dark and got back to the car without too much mither, all good.

Hannibal 5.4
Saturday. I'd been promising my daughter (aka Pest) a trip to the local, and despite her having a bit of a cold nothing was getting in her way so we toddled over the river at 3pm. She's a left hander so we couldn't really share a rod, so today was about her fishing with me being the ghillie and giving her the best chance to nail a chub.

I was a bit gutted to see the river quite heavily coloured after the previous night's rain but nonetheless we chose a comfortable swim relatively free of bankside cover to make life a bit easier for her reeling in and started off with bread and cheesepaste on the hook and liquidised bread through a feeder.

There were plenty of taps and plucks and a bit of striking practice was needed as she missed a few bites, albeit tentative ones but at least there were a few fish knocking about. Anyway at about 4pm she strikes and hooks into a decent fish and we managed by hook or by crook to get it into the pan, with rapturous applause from a gathering of passers by on the footpath opposite. 

Pest .. PB no 3
A fish of about a pound and a half was the result and the 3rd PB I witnessed this weekend.


  1. Cracking fish (despite the Everton hat) and I'm sure your not a pest really are you?

    Well done young lady! :-)

  2. Great fish, terrible hat, there should be laws against making kids wear such regalia