Sunday, 16 December 2012

Up and Down

According to the EA river level site, the local river has been in the ‘flooding is possible’ zone four times in the last three weeks. In between these peaks, the same site has also shown several other smaller spikes which have taken the level to the very extreme (high) end of what the EA call ‘typical range’ but which to the angler is still a very high level.


So by my reckoning we have had the level rising sharply something like 7 times in the last 3 weeks. I think from Monday to Friday this last week has seen it at its most steady for a while, however as I type it’s up the banks once again.

Anyway, the levels didn’t do me much good last weekend, when true to form I had 3 short sessions of about 3 hours apiece. Session 1 was on Saturday afternoon when I had 3 hours on the Weaver, which as described, was in a state of flood. I fished a backwater with worms in the hope of a perch or big roach. I didn’t catch a perch but I did nail one net roach.

Session 2 on Sunday afternoon, I went to the Llangollen Canal. Again the target was a decent perch or a decent roach with worms and bread as hook baits. The temperature gauge in the car said plus 7 degrees Celsius however I arrived to find a real cutting wind blowing down the canal which made it feel much colder. I was well wrapped up but it was very hard going, as such, said roach or perch did not show for me!

Session 3 was back on the Weaver. Monday morning, bright, frosty and a beautiful day to be out on the bank! I trotted worms along the margins hoping for perch, sadly I think the level was still a bit high and all I could muster was the obligatory 1 pound chub.

Work finishes for me this Thursday, and if conditions and commitments allow I shall be out on Friday. Lets hope for something approaching consistent where the levels are concerned prior to that.

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  1. Hear hear!
    Hoping to get to the Dove for a go at the perch on Friday afternoon if they let me go in time. Like you all depends if the levels.