Monday, 21 January 2013

Surprise in the snow

A day on the river during or just after snow is always special, if the chub show up it's even better still. This time they didn't, but something else did...

I arrived at the river to find the above scene, real picture postcard stuff. 

Searching for a chub I dropped in a few small handfuls of mash in a few swims, however the first swim gave me zip. A half hour later I was in the second swim I missed a bite first cast, a little too eager perhaps, I gave it a half hour then moved on to swim number 3.

It was a really lovely day, dead still, a few fresh tiny flakes falling now and then but by and large, the snow in many areas hadn't been disturbed. Anyway, things were just about to get interesting, sat in 'the 4lb chub swim' (my first 4lb chub from this river came from this swim).. it is/was a chub banker if ever there was one.


Anyway, after about half an hour I struck, reeled in, and there's a fish on. It felt like a lump too but as there was no 'bite' I thought I'd foul hooked a chub. I kept a constant pressure but didn't try to bully it, thinking it would eventually give up, as chub do... but it sort of woke up and started going some. I mean the rod was doubled, I tightened the clutch as much as I dare and this foul hooked chub wouldn't budge... it dived down the edge and I heaved it out of the remnants of marginal weed and near bank foliage. 

Finally, after going up and down the swim a few more times I managed to get on top of it, and into the pan it went, well **** me with a rag mans trumpet.. it was indeed hooked in the mouth..and was a lovely little mirror carp of 5lb 8oz.. get in. 


Anyway.. the next swim gave me some more unhittable roach/dace type bites, as the light went, which I will talk about at a later date but no chub!

Offski at 515, Buffet Island for 630. Star of the show chicken, onions, rice noodles and peppers in plum sauce cooked 'live' on the teppanyaki grill.


  1. Now that's a turn up for the books! No often you see a carp picture in the snow, is it? Even less so from a river!

  2. The last thing I expected Jeff, I doubt it's something I'll ever do again to be honest!