Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Roll on Autumn

I’ve just remembered I have a blog. The problem is I’ve not got too much to say when I’m not particularly catching much, and I haven't been....

Yay Springtime.

Spring was positively ‘meh’. The planned assault on reservoir perch immediately after the rivers closed never got off the ground, mainly thanks to the snowy and cold weather we enjoyed. The worms I purchased for said assault, despite a few months tender loving care, have long since liquidised. So a self enforced lay off was the order of the day and aside from a mess about on the canal I didn’t do an awful lot of fishing through March.

Mid-April arrived and I started fishing one of the local meres. I was still greeted by temperatures in the single figures and dressed for winter but fishing a groundbait feeder at least gave me some bites and a few hours one evening gave me nigh on 20lb of bream, which was total hauling in comparison with much else around that time.


May arrived and I persevered with the mere, though single figure temps, seemingly day after day quelled my enthusiasm for tench fishing. A few dawn sessions gave me little but one bright afternoon I caught a 3lb’er, which was a start but nothing in comparison to previous years.


Into June and a tench fishers dawn. The early start on float fished corn gave me my first decent tench in the form of a scraper 5, this after raking, my first ‘5’ of the year and a week or so later a dusk session which saw me spend an hour removing someone else’s line gave me a 5.13 on the ‘new’ boilie.

Camera shy scraper 5

Either side were 2 totally biteless sessions, one on a former quarry where 8 chilly hours from dawn gave me nothing, and another mere where my endurance lasted for14 hours without a bite and a night fishing session where despite hitting a bream just before midnight I was ‘kept alert’ from 0230 onwards by a reed warbler and the freezing cold.  

A change of scenery to the Dove gave me a grayling that was supposed to be a perch and nothing else of note bar being frozen (once again) at 830pm....and that pretty much sums up my spring and summer so far. Autumnal.

So, roll on Autumn, at least it generally does what it’s supposed to! It rains a bit, gets windy a bit and gets a bit chilly at night, just like Summer really! 

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