Friday, 30 December 2011


With the planned 2nd day of my Dove trip cancelled due to a high river I made my way back to the River Weaver.

To say conditions couldn't have been more different would be an understatement. The Dove looked like it was just about to enter the fields and was heavily coloured whereas the Weaver was right down in comparison.
I arrived before 1pm and had 2 bites in the first 2 casts then landed a 2lb'er on breadflake on my third cast, so a good day looked to be on the cards. The rain was incessant and I tried several more 'tree' swims without so much as a hint. I then decided to make my way to an open water area with the view to try and build a swim.

Anyway I landed a 12oz'er after a half hour or so, but then had to wait 'til gone dark for a fish of 2.15. I lost another fish later on, however a scale on the hook suggested this was foul hooked.

The rain persisted and I called it a day at a quarter to six.

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