Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lieu Day on the Severn

I took the 40 minute trip here today with Paul and we arrived just before midday with chub in mind, the river was up and rising.

I started off with a mash feeder and breadflake but then switched to cheesepaste. In my second swim, I was getting raps right from the off, which to be fair took me by surprise and on more than one occasion I picked up the rod to strike, only I didn't, the bites were very quick! I suspected small-er fish and was sort of proved right when after about an hour I nailed a chub of a pound and a half or so.

After a wander and a bit of pondering I decided to stay put for the day rather than bounce from swim to swim (there weren't as many swims as normal free due to levels).

I continued to get raps then lucky for me at 3pm the cheesepaste gets hit again and a very solid fish gave a decent account in a tight swim before eventually finding its way to the net, the little scamp weighed 4lb 2oz.

After that it was hard, the weather closed in, it started to rain and no more bites were forthcoming, that said the levels continued to rise and I believe the fish simply moved.

A nice day but I couldn't help thinking that there were more fish to be had, had I responded better/differently to the rising water. Good fun all the same and better than work!

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