Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to Perch

With just a few weeks of the river season left I felt the need to complete some unfinished business left over from Autumn...

Looks small, it's actually 3ft long!

Lobs, dendrobaenas and red pinkies purchased, I picked up the perch tackle and headed for the local river, arriving at 3.30pm. The area I wanted to fish had another angler 30 metres downstream so I headed further upstream for my jungle swim in an area known to me as gudgeon alley. I set up a chubber float and fished double dendra over a small bed of chopped dendra's and pinkies fed via a dropper.

After an hour the float sailed and a fish was on, a 5oz perch, right species but not the stamp I hoped for. Shortly after I changed the dendra for a half lobworm and topped up the bed of pinkie/chop. A short time later the float buried, fish on, fish off..gahhh, gutted!

The witching hour for perch came, fish were striking all over the swim and my float showed some signs of interest, a dip, a bob and it was away, strike, miss, half the worm gone that means one thing...

sure enough, next cast a ruffe comes to the net (net, as if).

One ruffe usually signals another and from then on the float was dipping and bobbing with bits of worm being pinched so I called it a day at 6.30pm.

A couple of beers to start, tagliatelle and mussels in a white wine sauce with flat garlic bread.

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