Sunday, 6 May 2012

Another day on the mere.

After yesterdays blank I returned to the same swim, similar outcome but somewhat more pleasant weather conditions...

Spring gut told me to try the deeper areas but these areas were occupied so my mind was effectively made up for me and I decided to persevere with the same swim as yesterday.

I changed my approach slightly and fed groundbait in the margin with minimal loose feed and larger baits on the hook. The second rod, again, was boilies in a bag and the same on the hook.

The first few hours gave me nil in the way of tench, but still I persevered with maize and various hook pellets but sadly no tench were obliging. A change to maggot gave the same stamp of chunky roach as yesterday and I started to feed a second swim with maggot, at 2 rods out, and had several plump roach but again, no tench!

They're in the deeps, is my excuse!

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